Truths about being married to a Police Officer

  1. You will never decide where to sit on a date again, you will always have your back to the door, and he will always face it
  2. be prepared for uniform attire to take over your house , at least your bedroom.
  3. Your kids will know gun safety and they will know it early
  4. those uniforms you love so much? yeah they must be taken out of the dryer immediately or you will iron or steam forever. If you aren’t prepared for that you might as well add a dry cleaning bill to your monthly budget
  5. His car is his office and you will find yourself at Walmart so that he can look for different ways to organize it..
  6. Don’t be jealous, you must have thick skin. I can’t tell you how many times you will hear the words “you look so different with clothes on”. My mom has heard it and so have I and they mean out of uniform, don’t get offended.
  7. That brings me to my next point, the local waffle house will know his order and the ladies at waffle house and Walmart will more than likely call him “honey” “sweetie” or “dear” get used to it .
  8. He doesn’t get holidays off unless his off day falls on that day and sometimes not even then.. Don’t get crazy you know they need police even on the holidays, and sometimes more on holidays
  9. He will always have his phone, because hes always technically on call. If they need him even if its a choice he will be there because they are his family too.
  10. As soon as he gets his badge learn how to pin it on him. He will more than likely have a pinning ceremony at some and you don’t want to look crazy . Trust me its not as easy as it looks
  11. Be prepared to do meal prep! Cook the meals and learn to put them in Tupperware for him later.
  12. Don’t think you will be rich.

Ok, so I have been in a police family since birth, so almost 30 years. I believe that gives me the experience to tell you what its like to be in a family with and be married to a police officer. This is not to bash them at all! I love all of my police officers in my family and even a good bit who aren’t in my family, but that I consider family. A lot of women say they love a man in uniform and while yes he’s cute, be prepared for whats to come if you expect to last!

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