Truth about Pinterest

Woah , I’m stepping on some toes I know.. Now don’t get me wrong I have Pinterest on my phone and LOVE it, but I am far from a “Pinterest Mom”. It’s just not my thing. I hate throwing parties, and making cookies for every holiday.

I tried…

It’s like before you get married and settle down you are the girl trying to measure up and get those likes on insta or facebook, and get those retweets on twitter, and then you get married and have kids and the game changes… well kinda.

From the day that sweet little chubby faced child was born a light switched on. I must have everything monogrammed, I must find new ways to organize my closet, I must have the best newborn pictures, I must have an amazing first birthday party, I must order them a new outfit for every holiday… New Years, Valentines, St Patricks day , Easter, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas…. and that doesn’t include first days… first day of 2 year old class, first day of 3 year old class, first day of pre-k. The list goes on and on. And lets not forget school parties.. you have to have the best goody bags .

I really wanted to be that mom and I tried a for a bit, but then one day I stopped and looked at my kids and thought to myself is this for me or them? Now don’t get me wrong some of the things we do will make a difference to them in the future and create lots of memories for them, but most things don’t matter to this child.

If you can do the millions of pinterest ideas and enjoy it then please do it, but for moms like myself that were not blessed with the perfectionist gene… DON’T STRESS! It is not the end of the world.. Your child will love you unconditionally and it will not matter to them if they had a new embroidered t-shirt for first days or holidays or cookies made from scratch, ( that you probably kicked them out of the kitchen in the process of making or raised your voice at least once), or if you buy a shirt from the store or don’t buy one at all and get some cookies from the bakery. They don’t care.. honestly I promise.

Please don’t worry about it .. Its almost like you are mom shaming yourself.. It’s so funny that we are constantly sharing things about mom shaming (which I’m sure I will do a blog on because I can’t stand it), but the main enemy is yourself. If you can’t be a perfectionist then why are you wasting time, energy, and sanity in trying to impress a 6 year old?

What our kids want from us is love, hugs, snuggles, kisses, safety, playing outside and getting dirty, and just spending time with you , even if that means watching a movie.. They don’t care if you can make the perfect teacher gifts, or make the best goody bags, or cook the perfect meal..

They just want you momma! Stop being hard on yourself and just breathe and enjoy those babies, and be proud of those mommies who can do those things, without being jealous that you can’t!


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