Truths about Daddy ……

Hey ! So I decided that there are far to many serious blogs out there. While they are needed, sometimes they can get overwhelming. In reality a mom just wants to relate, and while we do relate to the more serious blogs sometimes, other times we just want to read light hearted stuff we all relate too. Or at least I do …….

So first things first, let’s talk about Daddy. Yes daddy. The best friend , the provider, the good cop most of the time, and in my case quite literally . Don’t get me wrong I love my hubs but does it annoy anyone else that daddy is only a daddy when his kids are around? Otherwise they can go about their lives , and no one ever mentionsthe kids to them

Now its not their fault by any means, its society..

Let me set the scene…

My husband is off work on one of the few days that actually happens and I take the chance to escape to get the dog food we need from the store…. alone…. for the first time in days. I plug in my phone and jam out to my music instead of the daily “Trolls” theme song, or “Overcomer” by Mandisa or “staring at the stop sign” as my 5 year old calls it, or my personal favorite the bad name song also known as ” You Give Love A Bad Name” by Bon Jovi. Don’t get me wrong all of these songs are fantastic but when you have heard them on repeat for 11 days straight everytime you get in the car its nice to hear your own songs for a change!

Anyway, I pull up and I don’t have to park next to a buggy return! yay. So I walk in and leisurely stroll along, and dip down the clothing aisle, kids of course, while I had a chance to look. Wouldn’t you know I’m gonna see someone I know , and then it happens… everytime and if you are a mom you know what is coming….

“Hey , Where are the kids?” They are with their daddy….. “Well what a good daddy to watch the kids, it must be nice to be out without the kids..” and while yes it is nice, how many times is that reversed? How many times does a man go out and here, “where are your kids?” or “how are the kids?” The answer to that question is never, They get asked normal questions like ” How are you doing?” or ” How is work going?”. Its just truth people.. and where do you get off saying , “its so nice of him to watch the kids!” or “wow you are out of the house without the kids .” or even ” everytime I see you, you never have the kids”. But you see me in the kids section shopping for clothes for my kids, or with their favorite cereal and trail mix my husband likes in the buggy… When you see him I guarantee he is in the car , or hunting section, with a buggy of ammo, a hunting bag, or some car stuff for his police car.

It happens in other ways too. Somehow or another society has made dads less responsible for their own children than their moms. At what point did that happen? Last time I checked he was there for all of the vital parts of this child’s existence. For most of us he was there at the birth, but then somehow or another after the child came into this world it was the sole responsibility of the mom to feed, clothe, and bathe the child. Yes for most of us the dad does pay for all of these things, but does that make him exempt from having to be asked all of the questions we get asked when we get 5 minutes to ourselves?

Now I took this post very seriously and even asked my husband if he has ever been asked where the kids were or how they were doing when he was out in public, and his answer: No. I’m telling you guys its insane . While I love my husband more than anything I don’t give him a cookie when he stays home to “watch” his children,, should I? hmmm .

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